If you ever experience a problem with your website and are unable to resolve it, ask the respective hosting provider’s support team to assist you to get the site back online. A speedy solution would be the best scenario, but many hosting companies reply within twenty four hours or even more, especially if you’re doing business with a hosting reseller. Even if your problem can be solved without much effort, your site may not function correctly or may not be accessible whatsoever for a prolonged period of time, so you may lose potential customers as it’s very unlikely that anyone will be inclined to revisit an inoperational site. That said, you ought to make sure not only that you can reach your web hosting provider, but also that they can reply and assist you in a timely manner. If a script update doesn’t proceed as planned or you erase something unintentionally, for instance, the website should be restored promptly so as to prevent lengthened inaccessibility.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Hosting

With a hosting from our company, you can just forget about waiting for hours on end, or even one whole day, to get a reply to an e-mail or a technical support ticket. Regardless of when you contact us, we will reply to you within only one hour with any technical and sales queries you may have. In fact, our actual response time rarely surpasses 20 to 30 minutes. Since we are at your disposal 24-7, you will always obtain help in a timely fashion and we know just how vital that is in the online era. As soon as you contact us, we will answer your questions. In case you bump into any technical predicament, we will handle it on your behalf, or we will give you all the necessary information if there is something that you have to do yourself.