If you’ve never opened a web hosting account or you’ve changed companies and the new one uses an account management dashboard that you have not seen so far, you may become bewildered about how to do a specific task in your account or on your desktop computer. This is the reason why, lots of web hosting companies have set up a knowledge base, which presents the most frequent enquiries and problems associated with the particular platform they use, rather than including only generic facts. This type of knowledge base will enable you to find the right info swiftly and effortlessly, so you won’t have to commit time and energy to stuff that may require something as elementary as pushing a button or marking a tickbox. Thus, not only can you get stuff done, but you can also become aware of loads of new and relevant things, both about the way you can manage your account and about the way the hosting service functions in general.

Extensive Online Documentation in Hosting

All hosting that we’re offering include a comprehensive knowledge base where you can find everything you may ever need to know about your hosting account. Whether you plan to set up a new database, to redirect a domain by means of an .htaccess config file or to create an email address on your computer or mobile phone, you can just read our help articles and all the information that you need will be there. When you visit a certain section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you’ll see articles that are relevant to the functions that can be accessed through it. If you prefer to see the entire collection of articles and get informed about all the features that Hepsia is offering, or simply to read generic information about the web hosting service, you can browse through the whole knowledge base, which can be accessed through the Help menu in your Control Panel. We’ve done our best to encompass any challenge that you might possibly run into, but in case you don’t find the info that you require, you can always get in touch with us, as our support team members are available to you 24x7x365.